MACROLEG - Macros from Oleg

Macros - No recoil for PUBG, RUST WARZONE and other games on logitech, bloody, x7

MACROLEG - Macros from Oleg

I trade and do - on order macros and game macros for mice: Bloody, X7, Logitech g-series and for other mice (MACROS EFFECTS) since 2016.

A macro is a set of commands and instructions grouped together as a single command to automatically complete a task.

MACROS EFFECTS - a program with which you can use macros on the mouse without support for macros of the "no recoil" class.

For x7 mice, I invented new kinds of macros and these new macros in my products with the following terms: RBM & LBM and LBM-ARC.

RBM & LBM - the macro is similar to the macro with the term "LBM" and is more advanced. The difference is that shooting with recoil removal occurs when the right mouse button and the left mouse button are pressed. If the right button is not pressed, then the left button operates in its normal mode.

LBM-ARC - quick aiming on the left mouse button, in contrast to the usual macro with the term "ARC", shooting occurs first, and then aiming.

Game macros

Making game macros for one weapon - from 5 euros. Only if the game is in my possession, as well as if the necessary weapons are available and, if necessary, body kits are available, or some kind of weapon modifiers that affect the recoil, or rate of fire.

The price of macros in online stores is from 1 euro for macros per weapon.

The price of the macros may fluctuate, it depends on the method of payment, on the commission and on the online store.


After purchasing the product, a download link will appear. If for some reason you cannot download, then let me know that you cannot download and let me know your email when purchasing. I will send the product to you on your email.

If you have any problems when buying macros, then contact me, I will pick you another payment method.

If you haven't found the macro you need, then maybe I just didn't have time to put it up for sale. Email me, the macro may be available.

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Macro Warranties

1. Game macros to order.

No refund for custom made macros.

After making a custom-made macro and before selling it to you, I am sending you a video showing the approximate operation of the macro, it is approximate for two reasons: firstly, the macro is made on my equipment and yours - the macro may work a little differently, the second reason these are the effects of randomness on shooting, because every time you shoot, for example, at the wall, then there will be a different pattern on it. Also, I post such videos demonstrating accuracy and random deviations of the sight when firing in the descriptions on trading floors. Be sure to watch these videos before deciding whether to buy a macro or not. For the avoidance of misunderstandings and claims.

Sometimes the macro may not work if the mouse is buggy. For example, you bought a mouse, and it turned out to be buggy, there was a case and some X7 mice are buggy, they have a conflict between the right and 7th mouse button. That is, the macro is triggered and the sight pulls down, but there are no shots at this moment. In cases of buggy macro mice, I will send you a macro for the macros effects program.

2. Force majeure.

In addition to the randomness in the game, the operation of a macro can be affected by the hardware you use, the software environment, FPS (if FPS affects the operation of the macro, then I indicate the necessary FPS for this macro), ping and game updates. Therefore, I do not guarantee that the macro made for you on my equipment, under certain settings of the mouse sensitivity in the game, will work for you on the same settings as mine. That is, I made a macro for you, it works fine for me, but for you, it’s not quite normal, the sight moves down, or up, or some way to the side, if it sometimes leads away, then this is normal - random, if constantly, then in this case you will need to correct the operation of the macro by changing the mouse sensitivity settings in the game. If the sight moves upward when shooting, then increase the mouse sensitivity settings in the game, if the sight moves downward, then decrease the mouse sensitivity settings in the game.

Also, the macro may stop working normally after updating the game, or after a hotfix.

3. Macros on marketplaces.

If you buy a macro (digital product) - no refund.

On marketplaces, I place sell macros. If after some next update of the game, or after a hotfix, the recoil of the weapon has changed, and you bought a macro and it turned out that it does not work correctly for you on the new version of the game, that is, it constantly moves the sight up or down when shooting and you cannot fix it its work by changing the mouse sensitivity settings in the game, then I will make and send you a new macro.

On trading floors, there may be macros for sale only for bloody mice in which you need to use the bloody 6 or 7 program and if you bought by mistake, for example, due to your inattention, and you have bloody 5, or an X7 mouse, then I'll send you the macro you want.

If you bought a macro on the trading platform and for some reason cannot download it, but the payment has passed, then in this case, you will need to inform me that you cannot download the macro and then I will send you the macro to your mailbox specified on the marketplace when purchasing a macro.

After you have purchased a macro from me, I give a guarantee for it - from 1 month (macro up to 5$) to 6 months (from 10$). That is, if within a month, or more, depending on the amount spent, the game manufacturer releases some regular update, or a hotfix that breaks the macro and cannot fix its work by changing the mouse sensitivity settings in the game, then I will make and send you new macro for free.

Macros are not perfect technology - they can be influenced by force majeure. Also, macros do not affect the program code of the game, as cheats do, and you may be disappointed in them, because of the fact that poor accuracy is obtained during firing when using a macro. Also due to technical reasons - such a case may arise, because of which I will not be able to help you. Therefore, you buy macros at your own risk.


Contact me

When ordering a macro, you should inform:


Name of the game; mouse sensitivity settings in the game; what weapon do you need; what weapon kits and modifiers are used; mouse model; software version for your mouse; Windows 10 version. Also let me know which country you are from so that I can choose the best payment option.

Contact via social network or messenger