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X7 and bloody

Free macros for pubg on x7 and bloody



Free macros for pubg at logitech

macros effects


Free macros for pubg - macros effects

I wrote free macros for the sensitivity settings - 50, and the vertical sensitivity multiplier - 1.0.

But, for technical reasons, macros can work for you with other values of the vertical sensitivity multiplier

and if necessary, you will need to adjust the macro.

If the barrel constantly shoots down during shooting, then reduce sensitivity, if up, then increase.


recoil from akm in pubg, in numbers
When using macros in a game, you need to know the following:
In the game, when shooting weapons, there are large random values ​​in the recoil, this is clearly seen in the figure on the left on the example of akm. Macros can’t cope with randomness, since they are sharpened under certain constant coordinates, and random is new coordinates every time. This means that sometimes in the process of shooting the barrel will be taken away somewhere and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that the barrel will be in a level position all the time during shooting and that there will be no sidetrack.
Also, with increasing distance, the accuracy will decrease due to randomness, and the spread will increase. But, with the help of macros it is much easier to control the recoil and the game with macros becomes more pleasant and more comfortable than with a normal mouse clip without macros. Also, in addition to comfort, accuracy when using macros is higher and this gives an advantage over opponents who play without macros.
Also in the game, starting from patch #20, we added a random rotation of patterns. Of course, it was before, but it was not felt as brightly as in this patch. There are patterns that act approximately the same, but there are such that the trunk just flies either up or much down (provided that at that moment the recoil is compensated with a certain setting). They are rare, but they happen, so in a game it is best to shoot bursts of up to 10 shots.
It was also discovered that FPS affects rate of fire. Starting from patch #25, I write macros under special FPS, at which full rate of fire and therefore in the macro descriptions I indicate what FPS should be for these macros to work. And most importantly, the desired FPS - must be fixed, if the FPS decreases or increases, the rate of fire will fall and the barrel will pull down when firing.
You can reduce the effect of randomness on shooting with the help of body kits, they reduce recoil and with the help of manual control of the macro. That is, try to move the mouse so that the bullets fly straight, as can be seen in some of my videos, when demonstrating the operation of macros.
The next moment, the game has different recoil when shooting while standing, sitting and from a third person. I write macros for firing from a first-person position under such mouse sensitivity settings in the game - 50, and a vertical sensitivity multiplier - 1.0. But, for technical reasons, your macro can work with other settings of the vertical sensitivity multiplier and then you will need to adjust the vertical sensitivity multiplier in the game settings to the technical parameters of your equipment.
When writing macros, I definitely put an enlarged magazine on the weapon.
When shooting while sitting, or when using body kits that reduce recoil, the barrel will be pulled down, so if necessary, adjust the vertical sensitivity multiplier, as a rule, decrease by 0.2 in the case of shooting while sitting and 0, 15-0.25 in the case of using body kits. For example, the M416 has a compensator and a vertical foregrip of -0.4.
Attention !!!
Starting from patch #4.1, the dependence of the rate of fire on the FPS in automatic weapons was removed in the game, but the dependence of the rate of fire on the FPS remained in the proclik option macros, these macros make automatic shooting for semi-automatic weapons for these macros you must still set the FPS at which these macros were written.
FAQ on terms in macro names:
PUBG#23 - the macro was written in the game with patch 23. In new macros, the patch version is written at the end of the macro name. Macros written earlier can work on the new version of the patch installed in the game, if the recoil on the weapon has not been changed. If the recoil of the weapon has been changed, then the macro may work with other settings of the vertical sensitivity multiplier, or work partially, or may turn out to be completely unplayable, depending on the degree of change in the recoil of the weapon.
M416 is the name of the weapon.
A (Obsolete term in macros before PUBG #29) - macro only for automatic shooting mode. If the term "A" is not in the name, then the weapon can work even with a semi-automatic shooting mode.
1x and 4x - replaced the term "A" in old macros.
C + VF or (C-VF - Outdated term in macros before PUBG #4.1) - this is a compensator and a vertical foregrip. These macros are for weapons on which the compensator and vert are installed. foregrip.
CorVF - These macros are for the weapon on which the compensator is installed, or vert. foregrip.
proclik - this term means that the macro for weapons with a semi-automatic shooting mode, the macro also works on weapons with an automatic shooting mode.
LBM - macro only for automatic shooting mode, working on the left mouse button. The macro is recorded on any side mouse button, for example, on the 4th, 5th, or 7th of the X7 mice and new bloody mice with the presence of such a button, can also be written to the 3rd (middle mouse button). After a single click on the button on which the macro is recorded, the macro will work on the left mouse button and shooting with recoil removal will be carried out using the left mouse button. Pressing the button once on which the macro is recorded will return the left mouse button to normal operation.
rpm - the term means rate of fire, some macros with a reduced rate of fire and I indicate the rate of fire in their names.
RBM - the term means a separate recoil damping mode that is implemented on the right mouse button, that is, when you press and hold the right mouse button there will be a different recoil damping mode different from - on the left mouse button. For example, on the left mouse button, the mode of extinguishing the recoil for the sight is 4x, and on the right button of the mouse the mode of extinguishing the recoil for the sight is 1x.
FPS - in some macros it is indicated at what FPS they should work. This FPS must be fixed, if there are drawdowns in the FPS, the rate of fire will fall and the barrel will be pulled down during firing. Since in PUBG, the rate of fire depends on the FPS.
vsm - the term means the vertical sensitivity multiplier. In some macros I can indicate the recommended multiplier vert. sensitivity.
4key and 5key are the terms used in the names of scripts for mice from the logitech g-series and they mean which side buttons turn the script on and off.
v2, v3, v4 are the versions of the macro code.
v1 is a classic code, after a pause there is a "move" command and pauses for such macros are equal to a shot, in PUBG normal people don’t use it because of the strong shaking animation, since large values ​​are used in "X" and "Y". Eyes may become ill from its use.
v2 - a classic code when the pause is not equal to the shot, but equal to the speed of raising the barrel up. Such macros use small pauses, and the smaller the pauses, the better and the less animation is shaking. Such macros have the effect of using a clip in ordinary mice instead of macros. Optimum pauses are 25 ms, with shorter pauses, the animation of shaking decreases when shooting, but the number of lines in the macro grows, its size and such a macro can take up a lot of memory in the mouse, and there may not be enough space for other macros.
v3 - a professional code that facilitates the writing of macros, has more features and finer settings than in regular macros. I only use such code in bloody mice with bloody 6 and these macros are with closed content, that is, with such a macro you cannot see the contents and edit it. Such macros also use small pauses, and thanks to the algorithm, such macros have few lines and weigh little.
v4 is a lightweight version of v3 code without advanced features and fine-tuning.
. 1 - version of the chip in the macro.
. amc - files with this extension are macros for X7 mice, compatible with bloody mice if the macro name contains the term "A", or 1x, 4x and macro version v2 without the term "proclik", such macros are compatible with Macros effects.
. amc2 - files with this extension are macros only for bloody mice with bloody 6 and 7.
. mgn - files with this extension are macros for bloody mice only.
. mgn2 - files with this extension are macros only for bloody mice with bloody 6 and 7.
. lua - files with this extension are mouse scripts from logitech G-series supporting Logitech Gaming Software, or GHUB.
. mefx - files with this extension are macros for Macros effects. Thanks to this program, macros of the "no recoil" class can be used on ordinary mice.

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